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Pronounce "Synexn" however you'd like. I doubt the locals know how to pronounce it either, and that includes the people in charge of protecting it. A slow future-fantasy police drama.

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Charity by skarik
8th of April 2019 01:35 PM
Hello folks, I'm taking part in a charity drive put together by SpiderForest Comics and WFPUSA, with proceeds going to help feed folks in Yemen. The reward is a zine with a bunch of pieces from a truckload of folks, myself included. My own piece has the recent new character Nikki as a marginally more innocent child.

You can donate at this link right here. Donate, and you'll get the zine link within 24 hours. It runs until the 15th of April, so let other folks know!

Donation link right here again for clarity!
New by skarik
26th of February 2019 12:35 AM
Because of Smackjeeves' superior performance, set up this comic here. Will be posting all comic pages here, every Monday.

Main site is a page ahead and is at

Thanks for coming, and feel free to leave a comment.